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Tammy Tam Tam

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Tammy Tam Tam has proved herself as a committed singer. More importantly, the crowds love her. And what's not to love? She's classy, elegant, unique and sexy. In addition to being a great singer, she also writes original music, and loves to interact and captivate audiences during her shows where she covers Gwen Stephani, Cher & Lady Gaga. Tammy has her first placement (On The Young & The Restless) June 19th with her song "That Is Called Love". 

Hello Human

Hello Human are LA-based synth-pop duo Joe Manuel (vocals/keys) and David Anthony (bass/production). Inspired by 80’s pop, Hello Human are described as sounding like they’ve been hanging out with MGMT while watching the movie Drive. They might be new but they've already had placements on Y&R with their songs "DREAMERS" and "HIGH TOPS". Proud to have this talented duo on the IFMP roster.

Kinsey Ry

Indy Folk/Americana artists KINSEY RY tell heartfelt stories in their 5 Song EP "SEASONS CHANGE", but this is no sit around the campfire guitar strumming duo. The music is lush, vibrant and moving. The duo is comprised of writers/multi-instrumentalists, Chad McKinsey & Andrew Ryan. With powerful vocals and tight harmonies,

"FIRE AND ICE" pulls you in and raises you up; check out

"TAKE A BREATH" for a shot of positive energy.

Skye Holland

Canada's SKYE HOLLAND rose to the Billboard Charts (#29) earlier this year with her intoxicating EDM song "IGNITE".  With co-writer Steve Kroeger, the hits keep coming.  Her newest collaboration with Steve "WE ARE UNITED(Come on Out)" is going to keep us all dancing.

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