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Karla Bonoff

Karla Bonoff is an American singer-songwriter. Primarily known for her songwriting, Bonoff's songs include "Someone To Lay Down Beside Me" covered by Linda Ronstadt, "Home," covered by Bonnie Raitt, "Tell Me Why" by Wynonna Judd, and "Isn't It Always Love" by Lynn Anderson. Her new album "Silent Night" features beautiful renditions of classic Holiday songs. We welcome this amazing songbird with arms wide open.


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Sarah Bonsignore, Philana Goodrich and Tamara Miller

IFMP is excited to announce these 3 terrific Female Composers to CBS' "The Young & The Restless"
--Sarah Bonsignore - recently place music includes "I Am Yours" & "The Promise"

Philana Goodrich "Space Between Us"

Tamara Miller "Beautiful Moments"

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Sarah Bonsignore,

Philana Goodrich

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Tamara Miller

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